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We as Steuer- & Wirtschaftswerk see ourselves as an innovative & proactive tax consultancy and define innovation for us not only through digitization processes, etc., but rather through the support of our clients to secure their profitability in the long term. With every order we assume an obligation towards our clients to align the direction of their company jointly and cooperatively towards success and not to offer partial services. The basis for this is our holistic business consulting concept with a unique symbiosis between high interdisciplinary specialist competence, relevant consulting and management experience in managerial functions and our above-average success orientation for our clients to want to achieve the maximum.

Consequently, from our point of view, the tax consultant is not a self-sufficient service provider, he is an extended component due to his training, his know-how, his constant involvement with the BWAs and the involvement in entrepreneurial issues, as well as his professional duties according to the tax consultancy law to see the corporate organization of the clients. Because of this special trust situation, it is basically possible for him to influence the decisions of the entrepreneur. This basic constellation results in the optimal advisory intensity of the mandate, which is to be determined by consensus for the company and tax consultant.

We would be happy to jointly define the type and scope of your required consulting services, thus tailored to your company!

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