Our basic assumption is always - Success can be planned!

Our claim for our clients - Success measured on the ideal scale!

Our focus is on your success!

The basic principle of our consulting approach is the focus on your business success!

We see it as our task to proactively and competently support you in all areas of increasing profitability in addition to the usual tax consulting activities and to work towards their realization. The Steuer- & Wirtschaftswerk offers you tax law consultation as well as business consultation, as your partner for holistic economic advice, so that you can fully concentrate operationally on your business. When it comes to securing the strategic success of your company and safeguarding the future viability of your company, we work closely together in every respect and support you in your decisions during all phases of your entrepreneurial activity - from founding and building up to inheriting or selling your company.

  • The separation of tax law consulation and business consultation topics is not possible in practice, as the tax law assessment is part of the business management view. In numerous tax and commercial law provisions, the legislature has created a large number of options and scope for design, which must be applied precisely, target-oriented and, in the best case, tax-relieving and liquidity-friendly. Furthermore, in theory the state is often referred to with its tax claims as a silent partner in every company, which means that the state in the form of the Federal Ministry of Finance levies taxes on a substantive legal basis and with clear formal and deadline regulations. On this basis, it is understandable that every business decision should be examined for its effects on tax law.

    On the other hand, every entrepreneur - as well as the state - knows that only visionary, strategically well-positioned companies can assert themselves in today's increasingly global market. Many small and medium-sized companies or freelancers are increasingly exposed to sometimes strong market changes or shifts. You have to fully review your business model for potential for success, realign it and thus secure it for the future. It is no longer sufficient to judge individual company areas as well positioned and others as “good enough”. Due to the complexity of company processes, quality or efficiency errors often creep in, so that the overall performance of the company - in the worst case - is reduced to the weakest operating area. The motto must therefore be to strategically develop every area of ​​the company - according to priorities, of course - in line with a holistic corporate strategy in order to be able to realistically achieve corporate goals. Small and medium-sized companies, in particular, are often unable to employ experts in all operational areas or to cover these themselves, so that external partners are the means of choice here.

Our focus is on your success!