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Each company must check for itself what it expects from its tax advisor, whereby it can be assumed that the tax advisor title awarded by the Federal Ministry of Finance is a seal of approval under tax law. The Federal Ministry of Finance does not differentiate between other quality classes within tax advisors. However, it cannot be denied that there are different types of tax consultants who have built up specialist knowledge based on their specialist knowledge and experience.

Ultimately, it depends on your entrepreneurial expectations!

If you answer most of the following questions about your current tax advice negatively, you should contact us. We will then check together whether we are the right and, above all, long-term partner for you.

  • Are you really satisfied with the tax and economic advisory services?
  • Does the preparation of the annual financial statements, the preparation of the tax return and the declaration service help you to raise your profit potential and secure your company in the long term?
  • How often do you hear from your advisor "It's not my business"?
  • Can your consultant empathize with you as an entrepreneur and do you speak the same language?
  • Is your consultant able to identify the potential for success in your business model and convey this to you?
  • Markets are changing, has the performance of tax advisors adjusted?

A change of tax advisor does not entail any risks for you.

Many clients are rather skeptical about a change of tax advisor, as they have had no experience with it. However, such worries are unfounded, because in the majority of cases a change of consultant is uncomplicated and easy to regulate. We take over your databases without you having to make any effort. We always work with the latest DATEV programs and can therefore import our colleagues' records into our system. Even if the colleague does not work with DATEV. There is always a solution. Your former tax advisor is of course obliged to maintain secrecy even after termination of the client relationship.

Change of tax advisor

Just make sure that your former tax advisor no longer has any fees outstanding. Otherwise, he or she could assert the surrender of the documents and data (“right of retention”). If you are not sure whether you want to change your tax advisor, or if you have any questions, just come to our office.

We would be happy to advise you!

Our focus is on your success!